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Updated Oct 01, 2021 | 22:13 IST
Disturbed human-elephant coexistence is a major conservation concern in elephant range states in India.
Disturbed human-elephant coexistence is a major conservation concern in elephant range states in India.  |  Photo Credit: PTI

India’s elephants are finally set to get the right of way. If one were to go by the tweets of Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav, the Ministry has “recently initiated the verification exercise of elephant corridors and is also working on mapping land use and land cover of elephant reserves in the country using GIS technology which will also aid conservation”.,football tournaments in india

Speaking at a function recently, the Environment Minister highlighted the rising cases of human-elephant conflict. He emphasised people’s awareness and participation as a crucial step in managing and conserving wildlife. Most importantly, he announced that his Ministry embarked on a massive project to identify and secure elephant corridors in the country. To give legal protection to the movement of elephants, the corridors could also be notified.,best online blackjack free

Wildlife corridors have been changing and fragmenting over the years. The infrastructure development projects, rapidly expanding cities and towns, changing land use patterns, development of plantations and agricultural patches have all contributed to hindering the animals' movement from one forest range to another. This creates a host of issues including but not limited to habitat degradation, scarcity of prey base or food and inbreeding.,bonus dafabet

formula 1 live,The elephants are among the worst-hit when it comes to hindered movement. The mighty pachyderms not only suffer the degraded habitats, but even the corridors meant for the safe and unhindered passage have become death traps over the years. As per data released by the MoEF in 2018, nearly 50 elephants were killed in the elephant corridors over the past four years. As per the 2017 elephant census, India houses an estimated 27,312 elephants.

casino roulette near me,A keystone species, elephants indicate the overall wellbeing of the country’s forests. Their dwindling numbers have been a cause of concern over the past many years. From shrinking forest covers to being killed by poachers, speeding trains or electrocution of fences around agricultural fields, the challenges that the gentle giant faces to survive are far too many.

basketball rim,Elephants are migratory animals and they move in herds looking for waterholes. With their movement paths being fraught with manmade dangers, they have no alternative but to cross areas that are inhabited by humans along the fringes of the forest. This leads to a disturbed coexistence between elephants and humans, with over 400 people are killed annually in encounters with elephants, and crops and property worth lakhs of rupees being damaged year on year.

blackjack game online free play,So a notified corridor is not just for the elephants but also to safeguard the people and property. In this respect, the Minister’s announcement is more than welcome.

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