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Updated Jun 06, 2020 | 07:50 IST
Dreamt about getting stuck in the rain? Know what it means! Pic credit - Pixabay
Dreamt about getting stuck in the rain? Know what it means! Pic credit - Pixabay 

A dream is a natural phenomenon, albeit with no control of the dreamer over it. Interestingly, a person who dreams has no role whatsoever in deciding what he wishes to see in a state of sleep. Therefore, it entirely depends on the events that occur in his/her life and his/her state of mind. Dreams are a reflection of past or present circumstances. They also indicate what a person may bump into in the future. Therefore, dream interpreters believe that every dream has a meaning. Today, we shall tell you what it means when you dream about seeing yourself stuck in the rain.,casino royale full movie in hindi worldfree4u

Generally, dreaming about getting stuck in the rain reflects a gloomy state of mind. Primarily because the sun disappears and the weather condition turns overcast. The amount of light falling on the sun diminishes, and it makes a person feel distressed. Moreover, as it starts raining, commuting gets difficult. And when there are torrential rains, you can't see what is ahead of you owing to zero visibility. Therefore, when you see yourself getting stuck in the rain, it could mean that you are depressed and in trouble.,otb online

888sport down,For example, you may have taken a massive amount of loan from a bank, but you have little money to repay it. The interest rates are soaring, and you do not know how to get rid of the debt. Such a depressing situation could make you dream about getting stuck in the rain.

There are times when you feel sad, even when there are no apparent reasons to feel low. That could be primarily because of poor mental health conditions. Things could appear dull. Your mind could reflect your emotions as a dream which is nothing but an extension of your present situation.,g dimitrov

A variety of other reasons could make you see yourself getting stuck in the rain. And most of these situations could be testings times. Just remember that nothing is permanent. So tell yourself that this too shall pass.,otb online

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