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Improve Basketball Rebounding: Drills, Tips, & Fundamentals

Shots taken from the wing down to the baseline rebound back at the same angle or over at an opposite angle 80% of the time. Only 20% of shots rebound to the front of the rim. Shots taken above the foul line extended to the top of the key rebound 60% to the sides and 40% to the front of the rim.

7 Rebounding Drills for Basketball (Dominate the Rebounding ...

In this rebounding drill, two players compete to rebound a basketball inside the key and then score. Which ever player scores the basketball outlets to a wing player. The wing player must then dribble down the court and make a layup, midrange shot, and three-point shot before returning to the end of the line.

4 Steps to Get a Basketball Rebound - Teach Hoops

4 Steps to Get a Basketball Rebound. This is what I now teach on the 4 Steps to Get a Rebound: First, ASSUME every shot is going to miss (this may sound obviously, but most of our players assume every shot is going to be made–which is why 90% stand there watching the shot floating in the air toward the basket, and dont move).

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Rebounding Teaching Points: Shots most often come off on the opposite side of the basket at the same angle from where the shot is taken. The defensive player should stay between the opponent and the basket.

How to coach and teach offensive basketball rebounding

Using his back as the pivot point, make a reverse by actually rolling around his back, placing your lead foot in front of his feet. If you do this correctly, you will end up in front. Over With The Arms Another trick to use if you find your defensive man beside you on a rebound is the old "hook the arm" trick.

5 Keys to Teaching Defensive Rebounding | Coaching Materials ...

5 Keys to Teaching Defensive Rebounding. Given the realities mentioned above, here are some keys to teaching defensive rebounding to young players: 1) It’s OK to be Physical: It’s critical to ensure that young players understand that making contact and being physical is OK in basketball!