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Definition: A Chicago golf tournament is a golf game whose format is based on golfers beginning their rounds with negative points (compare to Quota). In Chicago, players start with a negative amount of points, based on handicaps, then add positive points during the round.

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By Brian Hill. The Chicago format offers a different way to compete in your foursome. The Chicago style golf format rewards competitors for great play on individual holes and not just for their...

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Quota Format 1: Each Golfer Begins With Points and Tries to Beat 36. In this version of Quota, the goal is beat a target of 36 points, and the golfer who exceeds that goal by the most is the winner. But every golfer begins with a certain amount of points. Start by determining your course handicap.

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Chicago is based on a quota system, where each golfer is given a quota based on their course handicap. The quota of points is determined by the following formula: 39 - Course Handicap. As an example, a golfer with a 1 handicap would have a quota of 38 points, while a golfer with a 20 handicap would have a quota of 19.

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Unlike a Stableford or Modified Stableford event where players are simply accruing points, in Quota, players start with a point hurdle of 36 less their handicap. So, a 16 handicap player would start with a quota of 20.

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Quota Tournament Quota format involves individuals or teams starting with a certain number of points, based on handicap, then adding points for achievements on the course. Each golfer begins the match with points equivalent to their handicap, so a 3 handicap golfer starts with 3 points and a 10 handicap golfer starts with 10 points.

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Format: Chicago Quota Heron Lakes Golf Course - Greenback September 19, 2016 Tournament Pairing Program - 9/20/2016 11:34 AM Page: 1. R0N • LAKES. • LAKES.

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5) S – Q = H + 3∙ (X s + X n) 2∙ (P s + P n) + 1∙ (B s +B n) – (3∙ (X s +X n ) + 2∙ (P s + P n) + 1∙ (B s +B n ) + 1∙D s +. T s - (36 – H) = 36 - T s. In summary, a player’s Stableford score will be 36 points higher than his Quota score minus the number of holes where a player scored a triple bogey on a stroke hole.