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Coat the face of the bat with the oil. You can use a rag or your fingers. Do not put any oil within 25mm of the splice (where the handle joins the blade of the bat). Cover the edges and heel of the bat and about 40 mm in from the edges on the back of the bat. You want the oil on the face of the bat drawn into the face.

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Cooking oil will wreck your bat, it will absorb way too much in the wood and will make the willow really soft. This would mean that there would be much more dents and cracks occuring in your bat. So use Linseed oil. Nothing else.Oiling my cricket bat? Does it has to be Linseed oil or can i use regular oil for cooking? EeeeeeeeeW!

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You'll still need to lightly oil the edges and back of the bat, but the face of the bat is fine. Any old ball (not a new one) is fine for knocking in a bat. Just keep tapping it in with a particular focus on the edges and toe as they're most likely to be damaged, hitting the bat with the face of the ball rather than the seam.

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Linseed Oil should be used as soon as you get your new cricket bat, rub the oil into the surface of the bat to protect it. Wiki User. ∙ 2010-09-23 18:40:09.

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Step 1, Use raw linseed oil or specialized cricket bat oil to treat your bat prior to use is recommended. This will help maintain moisture levels within the bat and reduce the chance of cracking or splitting while playing.[1] X Research source Raw linseed oil tends to penetrate better than boiled linseed oil.Step 2, Using either a soft cloth or paintbrush, lightly apply 5-6 coats (each coat is one teaspoon) of oil to the face, toe an edges. Do not oil the whole bat, just oil the face, toe ...

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For a new bat with no finish, apply at least two coats of raw linseed oil to the front, back, edges and toe, using a soft rag. The face and edges of the bat should be rubbed down with fine sandpaper every 3-4 weeks during the cricket season and a light coat of linseed oil re-applied. When it has sunk in, wipe off the excess then buff your bat to a sheen using a clean cloth. How do I refinish olive wood bowls?

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How to Take Care of Your Cricket Bat July 14, 2018 in Cricket Once you have purchased your new cricket bat, you will probably want to begin to start using it immediately.

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I am a cricket player and I have had about 8 years of cricket playing in my life so far. I am a cricket fanatic and this answer is simple, you use a cricket bat of course! You can get them virtually at any sports shops however to get the maximum effect and quality, I suggest you go to a specialist cricket shop.