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Foot and Ankle Injuries in Professional Soccer Players ...

Direct contact accounts for half of all injuries in both indoor and outdoor soccer and ankle sprains are the most common foot and ankle injury. There is a spectrum of foot and ankle injuries and their treatment should be individualized in these high-demand patients. An injury prevention program is also important and should the players, the trainer, responsible physician, and physical therapists.

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Abstract. The ankle is one of the most commonly injured joints in soccer and represents a significant cost to the healthcare system. The ligaments that stabilize the ankle joint determine its biomechanics-alterations of which result from various soccer-related injuries. Acute sprains are among the most common injury in soccer players and are generally treated conservatively, with emphasis placed on secondary prevention to reduce the risk for future sprains and progression to chronic ankle ...

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Soccer involves quick starting and stopping, twisting and pivoting, and physical contact, all of which can lead to injury. We use X-rays, fluoroscopy, stress radiography, ultrasound, MRI, and CT scans to diagnose your condition and recommend the most effective non-surgical treatment or appropriate surgery.

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Any player at this level will agree that this is one of the common soccer injuries. The best way to treat it beside rest and rehab is an ice bath. An ice pack really doesn’t do the job in that area. This part of our body stays so warm that you really need to get all the way in the ice water.

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Treatment for this injury involves immediate first aid of rest, ice, and compression followed by a full rehabilitation and exercise program. Symptoms of a hamstring strain include pains whilst sprinting or a fast stretching movement or high kick.

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Most injuries are minor and can be treated by a short period of rest, ice, and elevation. If a trained health care professional such as a sports medicine physician or athletic trainer is available to evaluate an injury, often a decision can be made to allow an athlete to continue playing immediately.

What are the 10 most common foot injuries soccer athletes face?

Patients will often feel pain in their heel and the tendon when running or walking. A quick fix for an inflamed Achilles Tendon is icing for 15-20 minutes a few times a day. However, if it gets worse or persists, chances are you need to go to your doctor. 3. Blisters: Another extremely common soccer injury is the blister. Especially when playing with new shoes or cleats on wet ground, blisters can occur and can be rather painful when played upon.

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The following problems are common to soccer players’ feet: Abrasion (Scrapes) – An abrasion is a scrape of the outer layer of the skin caused by contact with an outside object or rubbing of the shoe. It should be cleaned with soap and water and treated with an antibiotic cream.

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