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Thats me doing some Cricket practice with stick and tennis ball. It may seems to be easy but look closely .. how thin the stick is.. and speed of ball I am t...

How to Practice Cricket Batting by Yourself

You can buy cricket balls especially designed to help you practice cricket batting on your own. These have a special design which means they have a string or wire attached to them. Hang one end of this from a hook on a ceiling or even wrap around a tree branch. Just be careful. Even though the cricket ball is attached to string, it can still move far enough to break objects in its way.

How To Do Batting Practice Alone - Cricket Learning Made Easy

All you’ll need is a cricket or tennis ball and a cricket bat. A partner to throw the ball at you is optional, but could also work for you. What happens here is that you locate a fairly flat wall on which to bounce your ball. Stand opposite the wall at a distance of about 3 meters away and bounce the ball. Assume your batting stance and hit the ball as it bounces back in your direction.

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Step 1: Find a flat and open area, and get ready for the practice with your equipment as mentioned in the prerequisites section. Step 2: Hold the cricket bat with your non-dominant hand (top hand as per the batting grip i.e. left hand for a right-hander and vice versa), and keep a ball in the other hand.

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A simple way of practicing batting in your home is to take a cricket bat and a tennis ball. Then hit the ball in air with the bat and keep hitting it for as long as you can. It will increase your confidence in batting and you will come to know where the middle of your bat is.

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Consistency is also an important factor it will come only with the proper hard work and practice. Here are the top 10 cricket batting tips: #Tip 1 Holding Bat and Standing Properly. Cricket Batting Tips : You have to stand in a proper manner by covering the middle and leg stumps. You have to bend your knees in order to get better of the bowler.

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Tennis ball can easily be used to play cricket. If you play cricket with tennis ball you can hit boundaries, take wickets, it will be less expensive than the leather ball cricket and can also bowl spin and fast. Everything you need in Cricket is feasible using tennis ball.