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2.2 Tennis Volley Contact Point • Top Speed Tennis

The answers to these questions are all in this video. If you want crisp clean hit volley, we need to practice the perfect contact point. What's Covered: The complete contact analysis. You will want to contact the ball chest high, in front of the body and with the racket head above the handle. Tennis Pros Featured: Instructors Featured: Clay Ballard

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In this VOLLEY LESSON you will learn how the height of the ball effects the contact point of the volley. We talk about and use demonstrations of where the Hi...

Myths of Tennis: The Forehand Contact Point

The ball is on its way back to the other side of the court, and the strings are still pointing forwards, not coming over the ball. Notice that from player to player, male or female, when the racket is a foot before contacting the ball and a foot after contacting the ball, they all look identical.

Ideal Tennis Forehand Contact Point And 6 Drills To Master It

In order to make the most of your forehand technique in tennis, you need to find your ideal forehand contact point because only there will you be able to generate the most power with the least amount of effort. Hitting the ball at the optimal contact point whether on the forehand or the backhand side also enables you to play with high consistency.

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The modern way to volley is to move forward with your body, imagining your racquet as a sponge, absorbing the power of your opponent’s shot to execute a deep penetrating shot. Shoulder slightly uncoils (“Roll”). The racquet makes contact with the ball before the front foot lands on the ground. Short follow-through!

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These actions allow you to put extra pace to your shot. Once you made the contact, keep your eye locked to the point of contact. Also remember that you when make contact with the ball, your racket head should be above your wrist. Forehand Volley Follow-through . The follow-through of a forehand volley is just a short continuation of your forward motion.

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The issue that would come from allowing players to volley the serve is safety and changing the game’s dynamics. Tennis could switch to a game based almost solely on angle and reactions on return. You could stand at the net, and as long as you make contact with the ball at a good angle, you could win the point off the return.