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Lift the extended arm, the palm of the hand facing upwards DELAY IN SERVICE Relevant Rule: 12.4.4 Raise eight fingers, spread open FS F F OFFICIAL VOLLEYBALL RULES 2015-2016 71 VOLLEYBALL OFFICIAL HAND SIGNALS REFEREES’ OFFICIAL HAND SIGNALS LINE JUDGES’ OFFICIAL FLAG SIGNALS OFFICIAL VOLLEYBALL RULES 2017-2020 (approved by the 35 FIVB Congress 2016)


DIAGRAM 11: REFEREES’ OFFICIAL HAND SIGNALS 1 AUTHORISATION TO SERVE Relevant Rules: 12.3, Move the hand to indicate direction of service 2 TEAM TO SERVE Relevant Rules:,, Extend the arm to the side of team that will serve 3 CHANGE OF COURTS Relevant Rule: 18.2 Raise the forearms front and back and


OFFICIAL VOLLEYBALL RULES 2013-2016 69 1 BALL “IN” Relevant Rule: 8.3, Point down with flag L DIAGRAM 12: LINE JUDGES’ OFFICIAL FLAG SIGNALS 2 BALL “OUT” Relevant Rules: 8.4.1, Raise flag vertically L 3 BALL TOUCHED Relevant Rule: Raise flag and touch the top with the palm of the free hand L


Hand signals be executed by First referee Second referee Situations to be indicated Attack hit fault Interference by penetration into the opponent’s court or ball crossing the lower space under the net. R: 15.2 R: 14.1.3 Double fault and replay R: 12.2.3 qHú Wd qL≈ WuH bO«Ë bUU 5UNù« ö l—≈ Make a downward motion with the forearm, hand open

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• All one-handed signals are made with the hand toward the side of the team which made the error or request • Immediately after a rally is over, the hand signal “Team to Serve” and a point is always indicated FIRST to the team who earned the next service and point • Next, the hand signal explaining the reason why (or what the game/ball fault is) is indicated AUTHORIZATION TO SERVE Move the hand to indicate the direction of serve


Official Volleyball Rules 2017-2020 Published by FIVB in 2016 – www.fivb.com ... PART 2 - SECTION 2: THE REFEREES, THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES AND OFFICIAL HAND SIGNALS 49

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FIVB launches Referee Resource Centre for aspiring officials ... Volleyball Official Hand signals Download PDF. Official Snow Volleyball Rules Read more. FIVB Global ...

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Lift the extended arm, the palm of hte hand facing upward. Raise eight fingers, spread open. Raise both arms vertically, palms forward. Make a circular motion with the forefinger. Point the arm and fingers toward the floor. Raise the forearms vertically, hands open, palms toward the body. Slowly lift the forearm, palm of the hand facing upward.

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So one very common hand signal that isn’t displayed on the chart but is regularly used is the set point hand gesture. When a team is on set point an official will clench a fist on the side of the team who has set point and hold it directly up in the air. This indicates to all players, officials and spectators that a team has set point.