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Rajeshwari Ganesan
Updated Sep 08, 2021 | 11:40 IST
Auctioneer Alexandre Giquello poses in front of Big John, the largest known triceratops skeleton, estimated to fetch between .4 million and .8 million in the auction on October 21.
Auctioneer Alexandre Giquello poses in front of Big John, the largest known triceratops skeleton, estimated to fetch between .4 million and .8 million in the auction on October 21.  |  Photo Credit: AP

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  • The biggest triceratops fossil ever found will be on display in Paris from September 16 to October 15.
  • Nicknamed Big John, the fossil is expected to fetch between .4 million and .8 million.
  • Last year, an allosaurus skeleton sold for million and a T. Rex fossil sold for a whopping .8 million, making it the most expensive fossil ever sold.

1xbet download pc,With his enormous horns, bones and skull, Big John has been described as a ‘miracle of nature' and a ‘work of art'. And now, this largest Triceratops fossil in the world is on its way to find a home. It will be no ordinary home, mind you. Big John will go under the hammer next month and is expected to fetch between .4 million and .8 million on October 21.

1xbet download pc,Before we get into the materialistic world of big money, allow us to tell you about Big John first.

ada52,At eight metres, Big John is the biggest Triceratops specimen ever found. Iacopo Briano, a palaeontologist who oversaw the reconstitution of Big John, was quoted as saying, "It’s a masterpiece. There are quite a few triceratops skulls around in the world, but very few of them almost complete."

He seemed to have roamed the regions of modern-day South Dakota in the US more than 66 million years ago. Scientists found the first piece of his bone in 2014 and eventually found 60 per cent of his skeleton, including a near-complete skull. His wounds bear testimony to a difficult life he might have had, with a laceration in his collar from an altercation with a smaller triceratops.,free slots games offline

The auctioneers are hoping that Big John will fetch big bucks on the auction block in France later next month. The big question ahead of the big auction is who will be the lucky (and super-rich) dinosaur enthusiast who will get to own Big John’s 66-million-year-old giant skeleton. But before he finds a home, Big John has a busy schedule ahead of him. For starters, the French auction house Giquello will display the massive fossil to the public at 13 Rue des Archives in Paris, from September 16 to October 15. On October 18, the big guy will mark his debut appearance at Hôtel Drouot, the Parisian auction house. And then he will be auctioned on October 21 to the highest bidder among the ten prospective buyers.,football live now chelsea

Big John might be the latest, but not the first dinosaur to go under the hammer for such large sums. Dinosaur fossils have smashed auction estimates in the past.,football betting tips telegram channels

ada52,“Each auction, we see new profiles arrive. We have seen owners of unusual places who want to invest to attract customers. There are also people who are passionate about science and palaeontology. They are often quite young, coming from new technologies; they are in fact the Jurassic Park generation: they have seen the movies and have been immersed in this Hollywood mythology,” says Alexandre Giquello, of the auctioneers, as quoted by The Guardian.

Take for instance the sale of 'Stan', the 39-foot-long Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton that was auctioned by Christie's in New York last year. The researchers were dismayed as an anonymous buyer ended up paying a whopping .8 million to own Stan, setting a new world record for any dinosaur skeleton or fossil ever sold at auction. Why was the research community fuming? Because Stan was one of the most pristine dinosaur fossils, ideal for study by palaeontologists.,football betting system 7

cricket app hd,In another auction coordinated by Giquello in Paris barely weeks after Stan was sold, a rare skeleton of an allosaurus was sold for .5 million, which was twice the asking price.

Big John seems to be seeing a similar story. Enthusiasts are willing to shell millions of dollars, and the craze to own the giant reptilian skeletons keeps pushing up the prices to the frustration of museums and research centres that are unable to raise the kind of big bucks. Unless the fossil falls in the hands of a philanthropist who would be willing to lend it for research, the scope of studying such spectacular specimens is lost forever.,betfred casino

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