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We reviewed literature on the differences and similarities between the 2 races relative to fat-free body mass water, mineral, and proteinfat patterning, and body dimensions and proportions.

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When I turned on the light, I noticed tissues littered the floor around the garbage can.

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" "Do you mean my wedding.

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Something that prevented me from drifting off and joining my lover in dreamland.

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"You look lost in thought," Chris said, joining me.

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Chris had come home from work to find me in bed.

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That made him groan.

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" My cheeks weren't the only thing on fire now.

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Chris kissed my neck before he sat up.

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My favorite time was when he was sleeping.


I opened it and blinked several times.

It was another minute before he groaned and reached down, caressing my cheek.

When we parted, he placed the ring on my finger and laid down beside me, tucking our clasped hands to his chest.

He stepped away, giving me space, and I cleared my throat.

I skidded to a stop at the kitchen island where a blackened ham sat in my mom's heirloom roasting pan-which had also turned crusty-black inside.

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